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SilverService is a Mac OS X application that allows you to use familiar unix shell commands from within any Services-aware application (i.e., almost any Cocoa application). Want to do a word count on part of a document? Select the text and invoke your wc-based service. Do a quick calculation in place? "Evaluate Python Expression" is your friend. Insert the current date? Look a name up in your Mutt alias file? Append a few lines to a file? If you can do it via the command line, you can do it in SilverService. The possibilities are endless.

Input can be provided via standard input or as part of the command; the output can be sent back to the application, or displayed in a separate window. Each user can define as many services as they want, added to the a submenu of the Services menu. Changes take effect immediately, so you can start to use the services the moment you create them.

For more details, see the ReadMe file included in the distribution.


Current release: 0.1
  • SilverService-0.1.dmg (binary)
  • SilverService_0.1_src.tgz (source)
  • Licence

    SilverService is distributed under the GNU GPL.

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    Thu, 25 Jan 2007



    Today, John Gruber mentioned a utility called ThisService, which seems to offer the same sort of thing as SilverService, in a slightly different way. This suggests that there's some interest in the idea, so I might look into dusting off the latter. (If you're interested, mail me and let me know.)

    Mon, 29 Mar 2004

    SilverService 0.1 Released

    SilverService is a little application that I had the idea for a year ago, and I got round to writing a couple of weeks ago. I've tidied it up, and written a ReadMe file, and now I'm foisting it on the world under the GPL. I chose that particular licence because this is something that a) I'd like to keep working on, and the GPL might offer a little bit of leverage when getting permission from a future employer, and b) it's something that could easily be embraced and extended as a shareware or commercial app should someone feel like it, unless of course it's copylefted.

    I'm starting the versioning at 0 because there are still some things I want to add before I'll consider it to be complete. One is the ability to manage bigger scripts (as opposed to just one-liners), and the other is some sort of plugin or extension system.

    I'd be very interested to hear any comments you have about the software; mail me.

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