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Sun, 01 Feb 2004


I've had the source for CLOTH, a rewrite of a simple library that I wrote at AT&T, laying around for a while now (OK, a year and a bit). Anyway, I finally got round to tidying it up, so here it is.

Mon, 14 Oct 2002

Added UnityWiki

I wanted to set up a Wiki so that a group of us could collaborate on designing a role-playing game setting. As I wanted something easy to install, I chose PikiPiki (MoinMoin has a lot more features, but is a lot more complex and requires distutils, which wasn't installed on the target machine). Anyway, I've hacked the script around to add a couple of nice features and tidy things up, and then Ben asked for CVS access as he wanted to make some improvements and install it at work. So, I set up a SourceForge project, and hence world+dog can now download the source and fiddle with it. See the box to the left for details.

Wed, 13 Mar 2002

Added newfile

I've added newfile, all packaged up. It's simple, but it's useful.

Page Created

Title says it all, really. I intend to put more on here, but for now it's just the point to access the Bookaroo .tgz file.

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