A book? In a month? I can't even read that fast...

NaNoWriMo NaNoWriMo is an insane pseudo-contest to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Specifically, November. I signed up for this, and hence spent November trying to write as much as possible (quality optional) and batter it in to something vaguely novel-shaped. Me and about 10,000 other people.

At about 8:00pm (GMT), November the 30th, I finished my miniature Magnum Opus, and hence joined the illustrious ranks of NaNoWriMo Winners. The final think is called "Clockwork" (although I don't like the title...), and perhaps against my better judgement, I'm putting it on-line.

(I'm having problems producing a working PDF version, but as soon as I have one I'll post it).

I make no claims as to the quality of the novel - it was written in a month, remember. As I was writing it, I thought it was pure, unmitigated tripe. However, as I got towards the end, I began to think that it might actually have potential. If it does, it will certainly need a partial, if not total, rewrite, and some serious editing. That's assuming that I don't decide that it's tripe after all...

Progress (or Lack Thereof)

As of 00:05, 1 December, my word count is 50963. That means I'm A Winner! Go Me!

As Dave Gorman might say, "I know what you're asking. What has this done to the graph?". Well...

A graph

My current word count is shown via the blue line. The green line shows that target word count, assuming I write at a constant rate. The red lines form a Gormanesque "triangle of delight"; below this, and I'm way off target, and above this I'm obviously a talentless hack who's just churning out words for the sake of it.

Misery Loves Company

Quite a few of my friends are also doing NaNoWriMo this year.

(Anyone I've missed out? Mail me.)

Of course, there's also the NaNoWriMo Forums and Author pages. (Mine's here if you're interested.)


Feel free to mail comment, suggestions or abuse to

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Thu, 06 Nov 2003


... I've decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. I have a thesis to be writing. Good look to everyone who is, though. As a side note, I've repaired the broken links to last year's "novel". At some point, I may even get round to editing it. But don't hold your breath.

Wed, 04 Dec 2002

Bite-Sized Chunks

Both Steven and Tori requested that I break the HTML version of the novel into smaller chunks, to make it more manageable. Kind-hearted soul that I am, I dived into the Perl script and produced such a vesion, which is now linked alongside the text and monolithic HTML versions. (Sorry, no luck with the PDF version yet...)

Mon, 02 Dec 2002

I may live to regret this...

...but I've posted to the web; see the links in the top box, to the left. I'm slightly paranoid about this, but hey, I know that it's not exactly 1984, so I should be able to handle a little (or a lot) of criticism. You never know, some of it might be constructive...

Sun, 01 Dec 2002

Thank $ENTITY It's All Over

Well, that's it, then. Last night, I submitted to the NaNoWriMo website, and hence am a fully validated winner. I've got the icon (see right), the certificate, and everything. Now I just need to wait for my masterwork to finish rattling off the printer, then I can go and meet up with other U.K. NaNoWriMos in London.

(As far as this site goes, I'm probably going to post a copy of the novel for people to point and laugh at. This'll probably happen next week sometime.)


Sat, 30 Nov 2002


I did it! At a little after 6:30 tonight, I passed the 50,00 word mark. I've got a couple of sections left to write, and I want to tidy it up a bit before I submit it to NaNoWriMo and print it out, but, basically, yay!

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