Plugins for Blosxom

This page holds plugins that I've written for Blosxom, the software that generates this site.



This plugin uses various nasty tricks to get Blosxom to recognise the kind of URIs described in Cool URIs don't change, by Tim Berners-Lee, plus a couple of similar formats. The idea is that these make more permanent permalinks than category-based URIs (which might change if you alter the category scheme). Unfortunately, it only works in dynamic mode at the moment; I have plans for static mode for the next version.

  • Download CoolURI 0.2
  • Blog Like A Pirate


    Daft plugin I made for International Talk Like A Pirate Day; sprinkles all of your blog stories with Avasts and Shiver-me-timbers and the like. The substitution dictionary is customisable, so you could use it for any stereotypical accent, or as a slightly more interesting expletive censor. It'll also work as a standard Unix filter, so you can integrate it with things other than Blosxom.

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    Wed, 12 Nov 2003

    CoolURI 0.2


    I've added a requested feature to the CoolURI Blosxom plugin; it'll now provide default flavours for URIs of the form blosxom.cgi/path/to/entry, where "entry" is an entry as opposed to a category.

    Mon, 20 Oct 2003

    I be due for a keel-hauling

    In honour of International Talk-Like-A-Pirate day, I've knocked together another Blosxom plugin - Blog-Like-A-Pirate. It also works from the command line, in case you're not a Blosxom user. Now there's no excuse for sounding like a scurvy landlubber.

    Cool URIs

    As of this morning, I've officially released my first Blosxom plugin - CoolURI. It allows the use of extension-free, date-based permalinks, like the ones described in "Cool URIs don't change". It's pretty simple, but does the job well enough for now, and means that when something better comes along I won't need to change the URLs again. Which is the entire point.

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