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Mon, 29 Dec 2003

Dave didn't whack my google, but it is nevertheless whacked


"Dave Whacked my Google" A few months ago, I was meant to be going to Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Experience, but unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute as it was inconveniently on the night I was flying out for UbiComp. Tori saved me the badge pictured as a souvenir. Another consolation prize arrived yesterday in the form of an e-mail from one Phil Bradley (who I don't know, but it goes to show that not all unsolicited e-mail is unwelcome). It cheerfully informed me that I was a googlewhack for gesticulating taramasalata. Yay the internet.

Wed, 17 Dec 2003

I've been Registered


I got a name-check in The Register today, for my sort-of-entry into their Jennicam eulogy competition. I'd like to thank my agent, and Tori, who pointed out the typo in the first place, and...

Thu, 11 Dec 2003

Metadata, Good and Bad


I've been looking into RDF recently, as I'm writing an XML-based bibliography tool (by the way, if anyone knows of an existing RDF vocabulary for describing citations in journals, please, please, please mail me and let me know what it is), and it looks pretty useful for a variety of things, including a messaging/blogging/browsing thingy I've been vaguely thinking about for a while now - more when and if I get round to writing it.

Anyway, while scouring the web for resources (there are lots, as long as what you're interested in is RSS; I'm not), I came across a nice antidote to metadata. Handy to bring you down to earth if you're getting carried away with the whole semantic web thing.

Towers, As Far As The Eye Can See


I don't normally just re-list links from other sites, but I found this link on SlashDot (which I made a resolution not to read years ago, and haven't, but I've subscribed to the RSS feed for the links), and I couldn't resist. Go programming silliness.

Tue, 09 Dec 2003

Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly

It's that time of year again; carol singers roasting on an open fire and whatnot. Last year, Tori persuaded me that it was a good idea to go halves on a seven foot six artificial tree, which was a good idea with the high ceilings of the place I was in last year, but a bit dodgier in our current flat. Nevertheless, it came up in conversation, so I risked life and limb getting it out of the loft (we don't have a ladder), and set it up.

I'd just finished, and we were decorating it, when Tori pointed out that you're not meant to put decorations up until the 19th. So I'm not allowed to turn the lights on, and it's sitting forlornly in the corner looking unilluminated and slightly sad. I'll post a picture of the tree in all it's glory when she lets me switch it on.

Wed, 03 Dec 2003

Poplee will bleeive ayhinntg they raed


Anyone with an e-mail address has probably seen the meme that begins "Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy...", and claims that it's as easy to read a sentence where the letters in the words are reordered, apart from the first and last, as one where they're not. It's very convincing, until you realise that it doesn't work. This page picks it apart bit by bit.

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