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Sat, 28 Dec 2002

A Christmas Message

Tori's parents very kindly got me a box of Quality Street for Chirstmas, and consequently I had a purple one for the first time in several years. For those of you not familiar with the confectionary in question, they consist of a hazelnut, surrounded by a thin layer of caramel, all encased in a chocolate shell. As I was happily eating this, I began to wonder how they made the oversized version that can be bought individually. Did they employ some sort of genetically engineered super-hazelnut? In an endeavour to find out, I bought one, and disected it.

As you can see, they just pad it out with caramel. This seems to be a swiz, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Wed, 04 Dec 2002

Bite-Sized Chunks

Both Steven and Tori requested that I break the HTML version of the novel into smaller chunks, to make it more manageable. Kind-hearted soul that I am, I dived into the Perl script and produced such a vesion, which is now linked alongside the text and monolithic HTML versions. (Sorry, no luck with the PDF version yet...)

Mon, 02 Dec 2002

I may live to regret this...

...but I've posted to the web; see the links in the top box, to the left. I'm slightly paranoid about this, but hey, I know that it's not exactly 1984, so I should be able to handle a little (or a lot) of criticism. You never know, some of it might be constructive...

Sun, 01 Dec 2002

Thank $ENTITY It's All Over

Well, that's it, then. Last night, I submitted to the NaNoWriMo website, and hence am a fully validated winner. I've got the icon (see right), the certificate, and everything. Now I just need to wait for my masterwork to finish rattling off the printer, then I can go and meet up with other U.K. NaNoWriMos in London.

(As far as this site goes, I'm probably going to post a copy of the novel for people to point and laugh at. This'll probably happen next week sometime.)


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