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NaNoWriMo As mentioned above, this site is written and maintained by Rob Hague, an expert at talking about himself in the third person. Rob's homepage can be found here.

In 2002, he tried (and succeeded) to write a novel in a month. At some point he'll take the logo off the front page. But not yet.



I occasionally write things that might be of some use to other people (and isn't owned by some huge corporation or other). Some of this can be found here.

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I've had an Apple iBook for a while now, an have generally been very pleased with it. I've created a virtual dumping ground for my musings about Mac OS X here.



This page is a collection of links to useful/interesting/fun stuff that I've come across.

You may have arrived here by mistake; if you're an opera fan, try roh.org.uk. If you're looking for Reproductive Health Outlook, they're here.


I also collaborate with Ben Chalmers to produce the Imaginary Movie Database, a site dedicated to those films that other sources seem to miss. We've not updated in a while, but we'll start again Real Soon Now. Honest.

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Wed, 13 Mar 2002

Added newfile

I've added newfile, all packaged up. It's simple, but it's useful.

In, Out, Shake It All About

About a week ago, Microsoft and UniSys put up WeHaveTheWayOut.com, a site advocating moving over from complicated, difficult to manage Unix systems to easy-to-administer, secure Windows boxes. However, a quick check on Netcraft revealed the site was running Apache/FreeBSD - hardly a ringing endorsement. The site was soon migrated to Windows, but then failed and was down for several days. Meanwhile, someone else put up WeHaveTheWayIn, a site advocating Open-Source and proprietary Unix as an alternative to Windows. This really is the sort of stuff you couldn't make up.

( This site has a similar theme, but couched as a 12-step programme...)

Added "Software"

Expansion continues apace; I've added a page with some little bits of (open source) software I've written. Currently, there's not much there, but I have stuff I want to add to it when I have the time...

Page Created

Title says it all, really. I intend to put more on here, but for now it's just the point to access the Bookaroo .tgz file.

Thu, 07 Mar 2002

I'm 24

It's my birthday today; I'm now officially 24. Hurrah.

Hear yourself think


Quietpc.com has a whole range of products designed to dull the hovercraft-like roar of the modern PC, including replacement fans, PSUs and hard drive mountings. As my home PC makes a noise like a Harrier jump jet, I'll be spending some money here pretty soon...

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